you know, like,
Cyrus Eosphoros...?

It's some guy who habitually overestimates how accessible he's managed to make basic public-facing personal information.

Let's fix that.

Things I do


I'm a gay trans man. My handwriting is from the nineteenth century. I'm from Mexico.

"bodies of water become dangerous as a consequence of Cyrus being the one describing them" --someone familiar with my writing

I'm studying to be an archivist in the most circuitous way humanly possible. It seems to be going okay thus far. I care about book preservation an all but unbearable amount.

"cyrus lbr here it's either gonna be horror or fridge horror" --also someone familiar with my writing

I mean every thing I choose to say. For example: I did not plan to set a pattern of choosing to say the kind of thing that teaches you to add that preemptive disclaimer on purpose. And: I don't think it is the sort of thing you do opt into, really. Or out of, for that matter.

"He's from Angry Disabled Twitter" --the stalkers who did manage to read my bio at some point (approx.)

Sources differ on whether I'm a Millennial or Gen Z; as such, experts recommend assuming the answer is whichever would make you feel more uncomfortably alienated, as a precaution.

"the panoptic glare of your omnipresent anger is one of your defining features" --a qualified observer for whom this was a compliment, two and a half years earlier

Your thinking ends up on Twitter by default. I think you had a thread on [topic], can you find it for me?

Usually, yes. Hit me up (contact form if needed) and I'll see what I can do. I'm very slowly trying to move my takes to a less ephemeral setting, so knowing what people might want/need to reference helps me there anyway.

Have you really given a talk about how much you're on Twitter...?

About how much I've been on Twitter for almost half my life, thank you very much.

(The timeline's important.)

Can I see a writeup of that somewhere?

Not currently, due to reasons I may or may not eventually get into in their own right. Though I am sorry about that, for the record.

Can I talk to you in Spanish?


My replying is another matter. While Spanish is my native language, English has been my main one for most of a decade since moving to the US, and odds are you may be asking about something I've spent more time having to think about in English or not. I may sound less awkward and/or be better at being an expert witness, for the time being, in English as a result.

(I think in a hodgepodge of both insofar as I think in language at all, so if that's your bag we'd be very compatible on that front, though.)

You've said your account is "assiduously PG15-ish." What is that supposed to mean?

This is a kludge I've gotten to after several years of ruminating on it. (I'm fairly passionate about ratings! Whether that's actually helpful in terms of long-term clarity or insight is another question.) I mean that in the actual sense the PG ratings family is intended: I think anyone 15 and above is probably fine, and case-by-case audience discretion for anyone younger is appropriate. The "parental" part is more figurative, if you need it to be, given the actual quality of people's irl families can... leave a lot to be desired.

To be honest, my normal writing style is opaque enough that I'm willing to consider someone being able to parse it to be a workable proxy for whether they can decide if the #content is for them.

Reasons for that rating choice in particular:
So fun fact, you can't use the word "fuck" in the sexual sense at a PG13 rating proper. That's why I bumped it up to halfway between that and R in a nutshell. Less flippantly, the reason the fuck word is a question (beyond my usual amount of swearing in running text, which my hand to G-d I am trying to keep a lid on for this site, relatively speaking).

I don't directly interact with content that I would consider to be above the rating of my actual account, as a rule; I do interact with a fair amount of people whose own accounts are 18+/NC-17 by comparison. If that makes you uncomfortable or you're worried about accidental interaction, I'd encourage you to mute accordingly.

You have me/my friend blocked, but I think that was in error/I've gotten out of the social context that probably caused you to do that/I think you should reconsider for some other reason.

That's fair. I've been on the same public Twitter account for more than long enough for one or both of us to have had some pretty significant changes of heart and/or views, and the older a block is the more likely it is to be hanging around from (say) social pressure from an ultimately shitty crowd - on your part or mine.

You might also be wrong, but if it's bothering you enough to wonder you're perfectly welcome to contact me about it.

Okay, but where can I find you other than Twitter?

Everything I can think of goes on Patreon at the speed of whenever I can act on having thought of it. For anything else, watch this space.

I just want the fanthropology stuff, actually.

Have I got good news for you or what.

(The newsletter, once I have the sort of thing it exists to host available to post, will have all update-shaped information on ongoing fan studies research of mine in one place, also.)

I think the text size on this site is quite big. Why is it so big?

I'm low vision and I made the site.

Since I'm the hypothetical person asking this question: okay, but I'm not.

I don't care.